Vandaag was een heerlijk rustige dag. Ik heb een beetje voor school gewerkt, gebreid en aan mijn boek gespijkerd. Het mooie van zo’n klungeldag is, dat je je daarvoor niet helemaal hoeft op te tutten en daarom loop ik de hele dag al lekker op mijn rode espadrilles. Dat vind ik echt super schoentjes, ik heb nooit last van koude of zweetvoeten als ik ze aan heb.

Vandaar dat mijn steentje, de korte beschouwing over iets kleins dat je is opgevallen en waar je even stil bij staat, vandaag over deze simpele schoenen gaat.


5 gedachtes over “Maandag

  1. The other day I had tried to leave a comment on one of your posts about books. I do not know if you got it. But I was trying to tell you about a wonderful international site Each book gets its own identification number. You release books in two ways a controlled release is one where you know who you are giving the book to. And a Wild release is just that – you can leave the book anywhere though there is no guaranteeing that someone will go to the web site and journal where they found the book. I started my computer web adventuring there and found someone who knew about the River of Stones last January. I have met many wonderful people all around the world.

    Cheers, JulesPaige

  2. I am hoping you can translate this as I have (most of the words in) your post. Today I noticed one of my pair of my garden clog shoes seems to be too big. Mostly I think because I wore them with thicker socks. But today I wanted to take my grandson for a walk and those shoes were handy. So my feet slipped just a bit in them, but my grandson got fresh air and fell asleep. Thank you for sharing a small bit of your day.

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